Everything You Need to Know about Professional Eyelash Extensions


Let’s face it, all women want to have long, beautiful eyelashes. If you visit a dependable beauty salon, you will have the opportunity to get eyelash extensions. This article will offer you more information about them:


  • The whole process is pretty enjoyable. Yes, it is. You simply lie down on a bed with your eyes closed while a professional is attaching hairs to your lashes. As they say, it’s the ideal time either for socialization or a nap. One thing is for sure, this is your time for total relaxation.

  • No two styles are the same. When you visit a reputable salon, you will be amazed by the diversity of professional eyelash extensions. They come in different lengths, curls, colors, and thickness, which means that each lash extensions are customizable. An expert will be asking you what you are looking for and then, offer you the style that will suit you best.

  • Eyelash extensions come with certain upkeep. The extensions need strict maintenance in order to stay in good condition. After the procedure is over, you will receive a list with things you should do and tools you should use. For example, you will have to comb them daily with a clean brush. Yes, you can wear makeup with them. Taking it off, however, requires good makeup wipes.

  • They last much longer than you think. Every eyelash technician will tell you that with the proper care, your extensions are expected to last up to a month and a half. You can even extend their lifespan by avoiding water and oily products around your eyes.

  • Professionally attached, the artificial lash extensions won’t damage your natural ones. Many people think that they will damage your natural lashes. However, their removal requires attention and care from a specialist. If you just pull them, they will probably leave you with a few natural lashes.


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